Loving All People

Loving People454We believe God has called us to LOVE PEOPLE, to connect with one another and with our community. First Baptist has been an integral part of Midtown Omaha since we opened the doors of our “new” building on the corner of Park and Harney in 1904. Knowing that Jesus called his disciples to begin their ministry in their own neighborhood as he called them to be his witnesses“… in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth,” we have always started our work by showing God’s love to our neighbors.
Loving People455That is why we offer a variety of vital ministry opportunities to families, couples, and individuals. That is also why we host a congregation refugees from the country of Myanmar, known as American Karen Baptist Church. That is also why we host a weekly “Community Meal” on Saturday afternoons to help address the issues of poverty that affect our city. This is our mission field; and it begins at home right here in Midtown!
However, our mission is to make a positive difference…